In our daily lives we do several such things that become some of the key water pollution causes. The things that we do to make our lives convenient or to trigger progress for mankind in turn harms the environment in various ways be it in the form of soil, air, or water pollution. So below are some of the key water pollution facts that can make you aware of the causes, solutions and also some of the water pollution effects.

Top 20 Water Pollution Facts

20 water pollution facts that you must know

  1. Every year water pollution causes 250 million recorded cases of water generated diseases with about 5-10 million cases of death.
  2. Water pollution statistics have produced that 45% streams of USA, 32% of her bays and 475 of her lakes are polluted beyond recovery these are effects of nitrogen and phosphorus deposition from industrial wastes
  3. 50% of earth’s groundwater reserve is becoming non suitable for drinking due water pollution effects and now only about .007% of water is accessible for the use of mankind.Top 20 Water Pollution Facts
  4. The water pollution facts state that sanitation problems claim more and more lives in diseases than the amount of lives lost in any war
  5. The water pollution statistics also say that in every twenty seconds a kid dies from water generated ailment. Children in a polluted ambience can carry around 1,000 parasitic viruses in their bodies at any point of time and this is due to their developing immune system.
  1. At any point of time, half of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by patients suffering from water borne diseases.
  2. Around 85% of the actual of area of Bangladesh has groundwater that is contaminated with arsenic and is thus considered poisonous for human use. This is the reason why 1-2 million people in Bangladesh are exposed to the lethal effects of arsenic polluted water.Top 20 Water Pollution Facts
  3. Septic and sanitary systems in many countries use the nearest river waters as a place of dumping, these untreated sanitary and even industrial wastes that are unleashed in the river waters hurt the river animals and also according to ocean pollution facts they harm the oceanic ecosystem.
  4. Asian rivers are becoming infamous day by day for their rising pollution levels. Scientific researchers have found out that that these rivers contain three times as much bacteria from human wastes as the universal average and 20 times more iron and lead than rivers in other industry oriented countries.
  5. The King River in Australia is considered one of the most lethally contaminated and polluted rivers in the world. In this river more than 1 million sea birds and 100,000 river water mammals and other organisms have died due to the toxins and the intense acid level in the water.
  6. In Ireland around 30% of the rivers are contaminated from sewage and fertilizers which make it impossible for aquatic life to sustain and that is also harmful for fishing, swimming and other aquatic sports.
  7. The United Nations have estimated that by the year 2025, around forty eight countries having a combined population of about 2.8 billion are bound to face sweet water or drinking water scarcity.
  8. Ocean pollution facts state that every year about 25% of the beaches in USA are closed down at least for once yearly because of sea water pollution. They face either oil spillage hazards or dead creatures drifting ashore for the rise of pollution level in the seas.Top 20 Water Pollution Facts
  9. Among the agricultural countries of the world America only uses more than 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides each year, which is consequently washed into the rivers and lakes.
  10. Water pollution facts also put forward that wastage of water in urban areas are more than rural areas and even farmlands it is said that only Americans in their daily shower of 5 minutes use more water than a person in a other countries use in an entire day.
  11. The river Mississippi that drains more than forty percent of continental USA, carry an approximate amount of 1.5 metric tons of nitrogen based pollutants into the Gulf of Mexico each year. This pollution is causing a dead coastal zone every summer which is almost the entire area of Massachusetts.

  1. Oil spillage which is a common occurrence in the oil rig areas or that which are caused by a sinking ship carrying massive cargos of oil are poisoning the sea beds, so that every many species of animals and corals are getting lost.
  2. Hot water from industries are rising the temperature of seas and oceans.
  3. Even tourism causes water pollution from the diesels of the sea vessels and speedboats.
  4. A shocking count of 320 million people in China has no access to pure drinking water.

So folks hope these flabbergasting facts about water pollution will stir your consciousness so that you take positive steps to prevent them.

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