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50 Times Dogs Managed To Fall Asleep In Hilariously Awkward Positions

We’ve all seen a puppy, worn out from exploring but not yet able to admit it, trying desperately to stay alert whilst struggling to keep its little brown eyes from closing. The blinks slow right down, lasting longer and longer while its head slowly droops, perhaps a tongue will come rolling out of the mouth and then finally… plop. Puppy goes to sleep right there and then.

The consequence of this tendency to doze off on the spot is that dogs can often be found fast asleep in the strangest places and positions – sometimes you just scratch your head and think “how can that possibly be comfortable?” As someone that can’t even properly sleep on a plane, I wish I could find a place to crash as easily as this!

This list, compiled by Bored Panda, celebrates the weird and wonderful ways that dogs choose to snooze. From squoosh-face siestas to nonchalant naps, these pups just don’t give a damn! Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and share your own pics in the comments!



The sleeping positions of dogs usually varies with their mood. But did you know that your dog’s sleeping position can sometimes reveal clues about their personalities? With thanks to, here are a few common doggy sleeping positions and their meanings.

The Fetal Position: Your dog is curled up with their tail near their head and paws tucked in.

What it means: They may seem tough to the everyday passerby but they are actually quite shy and sensitive. This position provides the greatest amount of security to your dog. These dogs may require some extra care or affection. Physically, they may just be cold and trying to conserve their body heat.

The Yearner: Your dog is sleeping on their side with all four paws reaching outwards.

What it means: These dogs are the most easy-going, laid back dogs who are very comfortable in their environment. They are usually friendly towards strangers or other dogs. Even when they are sleeping, they are showing their love and loyalty towards you by reaching their paws out.


My Buddy’s Dog Sleeping On The Mule Steering Wheel


This Dog Is Sleeping Happily

The Freefallers: Your dog has their front paws straight out in front of them and they back paws stretched out straight out behind them.

What it means: These dogs usually are exceedingly high in energy. If your dog sleeps like this, you have probably witnessed them falling straight into sleep with a *thunk* in the middle of playing. In the free falling sleeping position, these dogs don’t have to waste any of their playing time to walk to and from their bed. After their nap, these fun-loving dogs can easily spring up and get back to business.

The Cuddler: Your dog always prefers to be snuggled up with a friend when they sleep.

What it means: These dogs are usually very affectionate but can be quite needy because of it. This usually means that your dog loves you and you make them feel happy and safe. Physically, your body heat may make you the most comfortable bed. If they are cuddling with other dogs or animals, they may feel closely bonded with them. Or they are just friendly. Or there are not enough beds.


I’m Done Trying To Figure This Dog Out


Puppy Warming Its Paws

The Spoon: One dog back is against another dog’s belly. Sometimes there is a paw in a hugging position. 

What it means: These dogs are usually have a very close relationship to each other. The “big spoon” dog usually offers feelings of comfort and safety to the “little spoon” dog. While the “little spoon” dog may be having a bad day, they can trust that the “big spoon” will be there. In this position, they are not just showing their affection but great loyalty to one another as well. Beds for very huge dogs come in handy if you have a couple of spooners, even if you have small or medium size dogs.

The Burrower: These dogs usually sleeps with blankets, pillows, your clothes… Anything that covers them up.

What it means: These dogs usually require a bit more affection than usual. When they are tucked away, the blankets gives them feelings of comfort and security. Sleeping with blankets or sheets is a great way to calm down anxious dogs. In the wild, some dogs would sleep in close quarters in a den, these may be residual feelings from that time.


This Guy Chilling With His Dog In London


Hyperlaxity Power Enabled

Check out for more weird sleeping positions and their meanings, and let us know how your own doggy chooses to snooze in the comments below!


My Dog Can’t Get Gravity Right


His Reflection Is The Greatest


We Told Our Dog She Couldn’t Sleep Up On The Couch


Dog Park Experience Exceeds Expectations


In Case You Need Something To Brighten Your Day, Here’s A Picture Of My Dog Sleeping


Nap Time


Neighbor’s Dogs Having A Nap In My Garage


This Is What Nap Time Looks Like In Our House


He Was Snoring Too


Weird Sleeping Position


Does Anybody Else’s Dog Sleep Like This?


“Please Read Instructions Carefully When Assembling Your New Dog From IKEA”


This Frenchie Puppy Sleeps Anywhere


My Dog Will Sleep In Any Position. Apparently This Is Comfortable


My Aunt’s Wiener Dog Fell Asleep While Begging


My Cousin Sent Me A Picture Of Her Dog Sleeping


Bae Caught Me Sleeping


This Is How She Sleeps


I Think My Dog Is Broken


I Call This Tetris Murph


My Golden Retriever Likes To Sleep Under The Toilet


Ollie Only Sleeps Under Chairs


This Is Leela. She Sleeps Like This. It Just Ain’t Right


It Was Slightly Unsettling To Look Back And Find My Dog Sleeping Like This

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My Brother’s Dog Is Pregnant, And This Is How She Sleeps


Actually This Sleeping Position Looks Quite Comfortable


I’m So Tired


Any Idea What’s Wrong With My Dog?


The Most Comfortable Way To Take A Nap


This Is How My Dog Is Sleeping Right Now


She Decided To Sleep Like This


She Sleeps In Very Odd Positions


My Dog Dreams Of Becoming An Olympic Diver

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So My Friend’s Dog Fell Asleep With Her Face In Her Bowl


This Is Ralph. Ralph Likes To Nap


My Dog Doesn’t Know How To Sleep Properly, Help


She Likes To Hold Her Feet When She Sleeps


My GF’s Dog Likes To Sleep On My Lap And Constantly Fart In My Face…


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…


We Were Playing And He Just Fell Asleep Chewing On His Own Leg

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