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Top 20 Water Pollution Facts

In our daily lives we do several such things that become some of the […]

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10 Effects of Nuclear Waste

Day in day out the progress of science is making human lives convenient but one of the key products of 20th Century science nuclear waste is creating ruckus to the environment. From rocket science to medical science the use of nuclear power is increasing everyday but then why should we overlook the dangers that unorganized usage and disposal of nuclear energy is doing to our lives? Nuclear science is making revolutions in the history of mankind but the mismanagement of nuclear waste disposal is causing the nuclear pollutions in the world. If you are still unaware take a look the below list to know what harm it is doing to mankind and the entire earth.

10 Effects of Nuclear Waste

The 10 most important effects of nuclear waste

  1. The nuclear power plants produce huge amount of nuclear wastes which either goes down to the nearest water bodies or mixes up in the soil and this in turn reduces the fertility of the soil and the death of various aquatic creatures.
  2. One of the nuclear waste facts that should not be ignored is that any kind of exposure to nuclear radiation be it from a waste or while working in the plants can cause cell damage, defect of DNA or the CNS
  3. So nuclear waste disposal needs to be very organized and careful, preferably in a box of lead.
  4. Nuclear waste problems are crippling many of the developed nations which are so densely populated that industries do not get a land away from the localities to dispose these things.
  5. Mining and thorium, uranium refining places emit a lot of nuclear that cause marine water poisoning so that even swimming, or having fishes from these water bodies can make you a victim of the danger of nuclear waste.
  6. Non stochastic or immediate causes of health hazards one of the effects of nuclear waste this can happen due to high level of direct exposure to radioactive radiations. This happens among workers in nuclear plants who do not wear radiation proof costumes. They face problems such as nausea, dizziness, abdomen pain, loss of eye sight and so on.
  7. On the other hand danger of nuclear waste health hazards can be long term or stochastic they work slowly to damage the body and only later do they show up in a fatal form like neural problems, internal hemorrhage, change in the chemical composition of blood, birth defects in later generations and even death.
  8. One of the important nuclear waste facts is that Northern Europe owing to its abundance of nuclear processing plants is becoming the haven of nuclear waste oriented troubles. The nuclear waste storage there is going out of hands due to the uncountable nuclear plants both legal and illegal.10 Effects of Nuclear Waste
  9. Even considerable amount of chemotherapy can cause radiation problems among patients so that even though they cure from cancer their immune system becomes depleted making their bodies and bones weak so that they don’t survive many years.
  10. Nuclear waste storage should be done far away from the human residential areas in a black lead box, they should be buried properly either under water or deep layers of soil to avoid discovery or contamination to the adjacent plants and animals.

So these were some of the alarming effects of nuclear waste, they can be prevented only with human awareness because we are the sole producers of this ingenious materiel that is helping out in our progress but again on the other hand we are the one who are suffering the most due to nuclear waste problems. The more wars are waged the more we are going to harm the environment with these kinds of toxic products which will only jeopardize our lives.

10 Effects of Nuclear Waste

There had been a surge of nuclear inventions during and after World War II from making missiles to mining and even in medical science. Earlier man was not bothered about the hazards of nuclear waste and thus abundant use in every sphere started out. The nuclear missiles launched by the European countries were not only destroying the victim nation but the world at large, this was totally unknown to the powerful countries. Then gradually new kinds of diseases such cancer, Parkinson’s, and decreased fertility rates started emerging which opened the eyes of scientists who were earlier enthusiastic about using nuclear power in every possible spheres. In depth research found out that it is the exposure to various wastes emitted from these nuclear plants that is causing this massive catastrophe to mankind.

Now it is required for the sake of our coming generations to manage the waste from nuclear plants so that they don’t cause any more pollution.

The Top 5 Environmental issues for Kansas

There has been a lot of ruckus about environmental issues and even though there are countless protesters who are trying to eliminate major issues like pollution and global warming, there is hardly any progress and the earth is reaching a critical state quite rapidly. Recent environmental data suggests that there are 5 major environmental issues we should be dealing with right now. ‘Going green’ is an absolute must and if we want to reverse the effects of global warming we should be dealing with these 5 issues right now. There has already been a lot of effort on waste reduction, energy efficiency and recycling. Conservation efforts have also been at an all-time high in an attempt to preserve the ecosystems we live in. Let’s take a look at top 5 environmental issues we need to take care of right now:

Environmental data suggests immediate action against these 5 environmental issues:

Air Pollution

The Top 5 Environmental issues according to environmental data

According to environmental data air pollution is out biggest concern. It is one of the most common types of pollution and it can be caused due to a wide range of factors including industrialisation, mining, farming, fires and vehicular pollution. There are many threats to the purity of the air we breathe and it is not only harming the Earth’s atmosphere but also our health. Air pollution effects can be very severe and may lead to various kinds of chronic illnesses. If we want to help ourselves and our planet we need to bring carbon emissions into check. There has been a rise in industrialization and we must try to contain the alarming rate at which our society is being polluted. It is one of the top global warming causes and we need to curb it immediately.

Water pollution

The Top 5 Environmental issues according to environmental data

Water pollution is one of the top global warming causes and in some cases its effects may be worse than air pollution effects. Water pollution almost always begins on land. It can arise out of a variety of factors including oil leaks, chemical dumping, and nuclear waste and agricultural runoffs. In recent times fracking has also been one of the biggest contributors to water pollution. Many companies do not bother to remove the fracking liquid after their extraction projects and it runs off into nearby water bodies, causing massive amounts of water pollution. Water pollution facts can be very scary and even though most of our planet is covered in water, we do not have access to sufficient drinking water. If we continue damaging our oceans at this alarming rate we will end up damaging our ecosystems.

Climate Change

The Top 5 Environmental issues according to environmental data

While climate change has often been dissed as something conspiracy theorists have coughed up. It is a sad truth that it is actually happening and there is nothing to do with any kind of conspiracy theory. There has been a huge increase in the earth’s temperature and it has led to a variety of weather fluctuations across the globe. In the last 100 years the average temperature has raised by a couple degrees. While the number might seem miniscule you should know that if the temperature continues to rise at this rate there could be some extremely dangerous effects that might bring us closer to the earth’s end. Water pollution facts state that there has been a lot of nuclear waste that is making the earth’s water contaminated and it is leading to a loss of balance in the ecosystem. We must take immediate measures if we want to save the Earth as we know it. Considering about 1% of the Earth’s water can be consumed, we should take active steps in ensuring we do not waste water and do not let others waste water as well at all costs. Our Earth is a common home to all of us and we need to take care of it if we want to live a life of peace and comfort. It is not only necessary for us but also for our children and we need to provide them a safe future.

Overuse of fossil fuels

One of the most harmful activities humans do on earth is the overconsumption of fossil fuels. We are too reliant on our natural resources and we are depleting our stock of resources at an alarming rate. There have been various attempts to shift to renewable sources of energy and even the most polluted countries like China are making attempts to prevent further damage to the Earth. Electric cars are becoming quite common and industries are shifting to energy efficient technologies. One of the biggest issues with using fossil fuels is that they are quite polluting in nature and most of today’s technologies in the lesser developed countries are reliant on it. Digging up fossil fuels also damages the earth’s atmosphere and activities like fracking have led to a lot of disruptions in the natural ecosystems that we survive in.


The Top 5 Environmental issues according to environmental data

According to environmental data one of the biggest environmental issues is linked to the massive rate of population growth. Countries are expanding at alarming rates and the population density is going out of control. More people mean more destruction of natural habitats to accommodate humans. It also leads to a more extensive usage of natural resources and there is very little we can do anything about it unless people become more aware and control the population themselves. Having a high population leads to more waste, lesser amounts of air per person, increase in fossil fuel usage and also resource efficiency takes a hit. It also affects the standard of living among people and we need to take care of such problems as soon as possible to ensure our future generations can survive in peace.

These are the top 5 issues that are plaguing our earth. We need to be proactive in dealing with them to ensure a happier stay on our planet Earth.