So what is global warming? We all hear about global warming causes but many of us do not know what it actually is. Global warming is caused due to the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature. It is mostly caused by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, pollutants and other CFCs. It is a very serious environmental issue and it threatens our very lives if we do not take proper measures. There have been a lot of issues raised and many people put the issue off, calling it a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately the sad truth is global warming is a harsh reality that we need to deal with as soon as possible if we want to preserve our future generations.

Global warming causes loss of plant and animal ecosystems every year

It is a sad thing to know that due to our negligence, other plant and animal lives are being rid of their homes and many ecosystems have been decimated due to global warming. If we want to save our planet we need to take action fast and put pollution to a halt. Now that we know what is global warming let’s take a look at the global warming causes and effects and solutions.

10 Dangers of global warming

  • Increasing sea levels: With so many global warming causes like pollution and improper control mechanisms, increasing sea levels are our number one problem caused by global warming. Whenever you look at global warming causes and effects and solutions, increasing sea levels is always at the top. If sea levels increase the amount of inhabitable area on Earth will reduce and soon enough we will experience another ice age.

A look at the global warming causes and its effects

  • Wildfires: Wildfires have been becoming rampant due to the increasing temperatures and it has been causing a lot of wildfires in the west. The Western parts of the United States of America have been experiences more wildfires than ever as the temperatures keep rising!
  • Heat Waves: Summers have been becoming unbearable in many parts of the world. It’s very crucial we try to stop all global warming causes if we want to save ourselves from impending doom. People have been suffering from heat strokes and viral fever like never before due to these heat waves and there are other health risks involved as well.

A look at the global warming causes and its effects

  • National landmarks are being damaged: Some of the most iconic national landmarks are being damaged due to the ill effects of global warming. The rising seas are devouring everything from the Everglades to the Cape Canaveral.
  • Forest deaths: We all know that trees are crucial to our survival but the havoc we have caused in the form of global warming due to our negligence about the Earth’s resources, has led to the death of forests and the Rocky Mountain forest is the biggest example of it.

  • Health impacts: We often read about global warming and think it affects only plant and animal life apart from the earth. Even we are not safe as one of the most shocking global warming facts is that there are a lot of health complications that are cropping up due to the rise in temperatures and changing climates which are affecting our lifestyles.

A look at the global warming causes and its effects

  • Extreme weather events: There have been a lot of extreme weather events in the past years. Most of these anomalies have been caused by global warming and our negligence to fix the issues that plague us. We must ensure the climate of our Earth is restored to prevent such weather anomalies.
  • Flooding: Due to the rising sea levels, flooding has become a very common issue. Coastal areas get flooded during the rains very frequently and over time the amount of inhabitable area on Earth will diminish greatly. We need to control the amount of precipitation into the earth’s atmosphere to prevent such instances of flooding and avoid cities from being drowned permanently in the long term.

  • Lesser available electricity: With so many cities set to be drowned over time and the high amount of pressure our natural resources are facing, we need to be extremely careful about our usage of natural resources else there will be a shortage of electricity over time. A lot of this has to do with water supply issues. As the climates are changing very uncertainly, electricity providers are having a hard time in regulating a proper supply of electricity to the masses.
  • Droughts: With the rising temperatures, droughts are becoming commonplace and agricultural land is being damaged to a great extent. The rising temperatures have killed of many forms of plant life and sustaining ourselves will become very difficult if we do not take proper steps to preserve the ecosystems.
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