There are not many feelings in the world better than walking out of an animal shelter with your new fluffy family member ready to make themcomfy in their forever homes.

Whether it’s just a few days or months on end, every second can seem like an eternity as they wait for the right family to finally come and accept them as one of their own.

So, it’s understandable when they get attached pretty quickly to their new owners. Sure, some of the more timid critters might take a while to warm up to the change in their environment, but you can still sense just how happy they feel to be loved.

Take a look below to see the beautiful moment these precious animals realized they were on their way to (or had finally arrived at) their forever homes.

Let us know in the comments what your own pet was like when you brought them home for the first time.

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1. He Doesn’t Even Notice The Snow


Who can care about the weather when you’re finally feeling all the love you deserve?

2. Best Bed In Town


“He’s slept like this every night since he found his forever home.”

3. Lending A Paw With The Adoption Papers


He was clearly born to sit on that lap.

4. Sibling-Rivalry Package Deal


“Take me homealready!”

“You are seriously so embarrassing.”

5. The Most Photogenic Pup In The World


Already primed and ready to slobber all over her new parents with plenty of puppy kisses.

6. “Are We There Yet?”


“How about now?”

7. Totally Blissed Out


Didn’t take this little guy long to get super comfortable with his new family.

8. Smiles For Days


He might not be able to see, but that grin proves just how loved he feels.

9. Instant Best Buddies


I’m sure he’ll let his new BFF use him as a pillow next time.

10. “Can’t You Go Any Faster?”


She is definitely eager to get her little paws inside her forever home.

11. The Face Of Love


Seriously, have you ever seen a sweeter face in your life?

12. “We’re Here!”


I think someone caught a glimpse of the backyard on the way in.

13. “Who’s Got Two Paws And A New Family?”


“This guy!”

14. Personal Space? What Personal Space?


“Adopted him two days ago and now have a permanent shoulder fixture.”

Do you remember the look on your sweet pet’s face when you brought them into your home forever?

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