Day by day our world is getting depleted due to the various air pollution effects if this goes on our next generations will be spending days with an oxygen mask on. We the mankind is the sole reason and sufferer of the air pollution effects on environment.  This is because air pollution effects on humans are much more perceivable than any other organisms as we cause it and try to find air pollution solutions.

10 most dangerous air pollution effects

  1. It is one of the very known air pollution facts that Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emitted from car and factory exhausts is a terrible air pollutant which irritate the eyes, and deposits in the lungs causing chronic asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer.
  2. The increasing air pollution causes is due to the saturation of the Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the environment, it has a very pungent odor and when combines with nitrogen oxide it becomes NOx which is able to destroy human tissues harming the immunity system in man and also it is one of the leading causes of air pollution effects on animals. Also among children it causes permanent respiratory damage.10 Air Pollution Effects on Environment
  3. Another pollutant that is leading among the air pollution effects on environment is Carbon monoxide (CO) this is also emitted from fossil fuel combustion from factories, oil rigs and vehicles this has huge air pollution effects on plants who can process CO2 but this becomes too toxic for them. Its effect on man is also harmful such as abdominal pain, vomiting, chocking, loss of vision, damage of the CNS and even miscarriage for pregnant women.
  4. Another most important air pollution causes is Ozone gas, not the ones that benefits the stratosphere by protecting earth from the UV rays but the abundance of this gas in the troposphere. This gas’s air pollution effects are far reaching because it doesn’t cause immediate harm but its presence mixed with sunlight becomes fatally harmful for human skin and plants. They can cause skin cancer, burn the cell walls reducing the functionality of lungs and other organs and hurt the productivity of plants producing burnt or patchy leaves and fruits.
  5. Ammonia is also one of the main air pollution effects on plants that deplete their productivity. It falls under the well-known air pollution facts that thunders increase ammonia level on the atmosphere and more thunders are caused due deposition of toxic gases in the troposphere. Too much of ammonia poisons the plants that when we consume is passed on to us. This again initiates lung fibrosis, nose and throat infections, skin burns, glaucoma, pulmonary edema etc.
  6. Another dangerous air pollution effects on humans is caused by VOC or volatile organic compounds benzene, methanol, propane, vinyl chloride, ether, toluene etc. these can cause liver damage, leukemia, necrosis, asthma, birth defects, malignant tumors, anemia etc.10 Air Pollution Effects on Environment
  7. Air pollution effects on animals can be aggravated by air borne particles such as dust, pollen grains, carbon particles and sulfur dioxide these are solid particles over 1-10 micro meters of diameter they are heavy enough to remain suspended in the form of smog and fumes so that we take in these things in our normal course of respiration. These are the main causes of sore throats, stuffy nose, shortness of breath, head blockades, burning eyes, allergies, chest pain and so on. They cause death of infants whose breathing systems are still on the verge of development.
  8. One of the natural causes of air pollution is forest fire that results in extreme production of sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide along with destruction of vast stretches of precious forested lands. Plants can supplement the increasing air pollution rates because due to their photosynthesis oxygen is produced but when more and more trees are destroyed then there are less chances of oxygen production that can purify the world.
  9. There are various ways how human activities and awareness can reduce air pollution by cutting down on their AC use, cigarette smoking, or using aerosol based sprays and gadgets. Aerosol results in ozone layer depletion.
  10. The all over temperature of the earth is rising due to increasing air pollution so that there is becoming a precarious rise of sea level bringing disaster to the world.

10 Air Pollution Effects on Environment

We the humans can only search for ways to find air pollution solutions because it is partly our deed and in within our faculties by using our advanced technology and intelligence whereas other organisms though they suffer from it are incapable to do anything to remedy this catastrophe. So plant more trees and be a bit considerate to Mother Earth.

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